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About Me

84 Things About  Me050307050-1.jpg
  1. I am a work-in-progress.
  2. I am firstly a wife, then a mom, then a mompreneur then a consultant. :)
  3. I studied in ICA Greenhills for elementary and highschool, UP Diliman for undergrad and graduate studies.
  4. I graduated cum laude from undergrad (BS Business Economics), but didn't when I finished my MBA.
  5. I got married in 1999.
  6. I had my first baby in 2001.
  7. I delivered both our sons via the natural method. (P, after 2.5 hours of active labor, and K, after 15 minutes of entering the delivery room!
  8. I love the garlic chili at Le Ching and Wanton. I can eat the entire pot.
  9. I love yoga! (when I have the time)
  10. I blog when I want, what I want. :D
  11. I'm a breastfeeding, attachment parenting, babywearing advocate.
  12. I am happy just walking through and looking at stuff in infant/baby departments in stores.
  13. My favorite stores are: Books for Less, Booksale, National Bookstore, Fully Booked and Power Books.
  14. I love new office supplies, and of late, clothes and shoes.
  15. My foot size has remained the same despite my two pregnancies.
  16. I like receiving snail mail but am too lazy to write my own.
  17. My eyebrows are tattooed, so are my lids.
  18. I loved Richie Rich comic books when I was a kid.
  19. My all time favorite song of Duran Duran is Save a Prayer.
  20. I hate the Simpsons.
  21. I don't like roller coasters.
  22. I wish I could cook like mom. One day, when S gives me a nice kitchen, I will.
  23. I don't know how to sip...I gulp.
  24. I drink around 2-3 liters of water a day.
  25. I always tell S how lucky he is that I'm generally low maintenance. I buy cheap bags (as opposed to designer) and wear flip flops!
  26. I love driving S's car, especially on Sundays. Makes me feel guapo!
  27. I think that Marc Nelson's abs are perfect.
  28. My favorite muppet is Cookie Monster.
  29. I'd study all my life if I could afford it. First course I'd do is Psych (leading into Early Childhood Development) in AdMU.
  30. I love trying out new cuisines.
  31. I love babywearing! And I hope that one day this becomes a regular practice by parents.
  32. I'd like to try rock climbing someday.
  33. I love being a mom!
  34. There are days that I don't...and that I just want to be a single adult.
  35. I thought I would not have enough love for my second child. No wonder K's so adorable!
  36. I don't know how to teach K like I did P before.
  37. I love garlic. Anything with lots of garlic is yummy!
  38. I love watching and reading Mafia stories.
  39. I'm trying to be a teensy bit more adventurous with clothing.
  40. I like Pucci's prints.
  41. I loved calculus in undergrad!
  42. I think that the host (at Mass) is like PacMan's (think PacMan of the 80s) power pellets, and one each week is strong enough to last till the succeeding week.
  43. I love potato chips -- I can finish a big bag in one sitting.  My favorite is Lay's Sour Cream and Onion.
  44. I'd like to shift to a plant-based diet sometime in the future.
  45. After I read the book "Six Young Filipino Martyrs", I entertained the thought of running for public office. Anson said I wouldn't be able to stomach politics. I abandoned the thought after two days.
  46. I want to one day put up day care centers per barangay that are well-maintained. The aim of these day care centers are to educate the children from a few months old to around 5 years. Better that they're in the center rather than watching stupid noontime shows.
  47. I do email at really wee hours in the morning, when I can have the computer all to myself uninterrupted...or, at the office, which, essentially, is alone time.
  48. If I had my way, P (and even K) would not have had big birthday parties. I would have preferred to have celebrated quietly in Highlands. (This is with S's okay.)
  49. I love street food!
  50. I used to eat small squares of butter when I was a kid. <ewwww!>
  51. I once ate an entire can of Spam with rice for merienda because I was hungry swimming.
  52. I love books!
  53. When I go to the grocery, I just get what's on my list. (Well, unless I pass through a lane and I see something the boys like...)
  54. I believe that television is a waste of time. (But I still "waste" my time sometimes...)
  55. I fought with S when we were on the Eiffel Tower because he was too prude. I left him there and went back to the hotel by myself.
  56. Our toilet seat in the house is up most of the time because the boys outnumber me 3:1.
  57. I like reading the society pages...this is the first thing I read!
  58. I love it when it rains and I'm under the blankets and the aircon is cold.
  59. I have never played in the rain. One day, I will, with my kids!
  60. I really can't stand Barney.
  61. I like Dr Seuss books except Cat in a Hat.
  62. I actually like writing (which is why I blog). I used to keep diaries (kaya pala my mom knew all my secrets!) and my BFF who's in Canada now used to write long letters to each other!
  63. I actually like makeup! More like mineral makeup. And the reason my makeup kit is bursting at the seams is because I'm making up for lost time.
  64. I prefer shopping on the internet and the things I've bought online are makeup and makeup brushes, bags, books.
  65. I use homeopathic remedies on myself and my children (and S, if he's willing).
  66. I love love love spicy food.
  67. My preferred drink is water. =)
  68. I have only recently learned to like SML. Gotta be really cooooold!
  69. After showers, I don't thoroughly wipe my back. I prefer that the wetness dries up as it's cooler that way.
  70. I collect Absolut ads.
  71. I like house music. Really.
  72. I hate Air Supply. REALLY. 
  73. I generally think that television is a waste of time.
  74. Pretty makeup brushes make me giddy.
  75. I read CVS' blog everyday.
  76. I don't like creepy crawlies.
  77. I'm addicted to Facebook.
  78. Once, on a trip to the US, I was left with a babysitter with kids of my mom's cousin (they're Asian too). I surprised the baby sitter by eating 8 scoops of ice cream.  Reason?  They only fed me sandwiches.  I'm an Asian kid, I need my rice.
  79. Spending philosophy---if I can't sleep for more than a week thinking about something, it means I have to buy it.
  80. I think about having other children---only for selfish reasons.
  81. I think my kids are the cutest things! (After my husband, of course)
  82. I absolutely adore my husband. He's one of the most objective persons I know. (Which is why he can't run for public office---we'll never be able to make ends meet!)
  83. I love books---if only I could have a library at home. My shelf is bursting at the seams!
  84. I change my theme so often because I can't find one that I truly truly like!